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All four gave no plea when they appeared at Dumfries Sheriff Court on October 5 where they were charged with conspiracy to rob and extort money.

Da Vinci’s Madonna of the Yarnwinder was recovered in the raid on the central Glasgow solicitor’s office HBJ Gately Wareing on October 4.

One of the men arrested, Calum Jones, 42, is a partner of the firm. According to the company’s website, he specialises in corporate finance and corporate insolvency.

The other lawyer arrested was Marshall Ronald, 51, who works as a solicitor in the Greater Manchester area.

The other two men were Robert Graham, 55 and John Doyle, 58, both from Ormskirk, Lancashire. All were granted bail.

No date has currently been set for the men to reappear in court, but police have confirmed that they are continuing the investigation and are trying to trace anyone who was either involved in the robbery or has handled the painting since its theft.

A spokesman for HBJ Gately Wareing told The Times that there was “an interesting, but benign, explanation” behind Mr Jones’s arrest.