The London Assay Office is hosting two seminars on detecting fakes and forgeries in antique silver on Friday, June 15 at Goldsmiths’ Hall, London and Friday, June 22 at Goldsmiths’ Hall, Edinburgh.

The one-day seminars are designed for silver specialists, auctioneers, independent dealers and insurance valuers and private collectors wishing to improve their expertise.

The Edinburgh date kicks off a new initiative to take the annual seminar on the road. Dates are planned for Cambridge and Dublin later this year and a more extensive travelling programme is in the pipeline.

The morning session explores the definition of a fake, current legislation, and the work of the Antique Plate Committee, and ends with a renowned silver expert giving a perspective on detecting fakes. In the afternoon ‘hands-on’ session, participants examine genuine articles from the Goldsmiths’ Company collection and from the infamous Assay Office London’s Black Museum of Fakes under the guidance of a leading specialist.

Items that continue to perplex experts are also discussed. Tickets are £80 per person, and £40 for students. To register contact 020 7606 8971 or email