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California-based organisers Caskey Lees will now hold their downtown fair from March 20 to 24, a week before the International Asian Art Fair, launched by London-based Haughton International Fairs in 1996, scheduled for March 27 to 31 at the Park Avenue Armory.

In the past the two fairs were concurrent.

The change – made to ensure the downtown fair coincides with the major auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s – significantly alters the dynamic of New York’s Asia Week.

Certainly, as the International Asian Art Fair adopts a large and growing contemporary representation, Arts of Pacific Asia appears to be attracting more top dealers in traditional Asian works. This year the fair will be reduced to 72 exhibitors to accommodate larger booths for its increasingly prestigious roster of exhibitors.

They are joined by S. Marchant, one of London’s top dealers in traditional Chinese works of art who previously have been a mainstay of the International Asian Art Fair.