The lavish surroundings of the Victoria Hall at Leeds Town Hall, a new venue for Leeds Vintage Fashion Fairs.

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"We've simply outgrown the Queens Hotel," said Sally. "There was only room for 39 stalls and we had a waiting list of 20 people. Plus there were parking costs. The stall price at Leeds Town Hall is exactly the same, at £60, plus there's free parking, onsite catering, good lighting and more porters than there were at the hotel.

"We have room for 65 stalls; I'm up to 55 and waiting for confirmation from the remaining 10. It's a wonderful venue, still in the centre of the city, five minutes from the train station and the stunning Victorian architecture of the Victoria Hall is an amazing backdrop and a fitting atmosphere for both stallholders and buyers."

The walls of the Victoria Hall are divided into five bays by Corinthian columns and the stage is dominated by a mighty organ. The hall was originally called the Great Hall, but was dedicated to Queen Victoria when, after a big rush to complete the tower, she opened Leeds Town Hall in 1858, in front of a crowd of 200,000 people.

Contact Sally Woodhead of Leeds Vintage Fashion Fairs on 07870 560 934.