LAPADA are to contribute to the costs of installing the approved antiques road sign to encourage association members to get them in place quickly.

There are costs involved not only for the design and construction of the signs but also for the application since councils demand a non-refundable fee upfront.

Costs have to be paid by the applicant, starting with the applicaton fee which varies from around £75 to £200.

If the application is approved construction costs are likely to be around £150 plus VAT for a pedestrian sign and up to £250 plus VAT for a standard road sign.

The applicant is responsible for the cost of removing existing on-site advertising signs and also for the costs of maintenance or replacement once the sign is in place.

Eligibility criteria, rules and costs vary a little from council to council and the whole process from application to installation is likely to take between three and four months.

Sarah Percy-Davis, chief executive of LAPADA, says: “After so many years of trying to get a brown tourist sign approved, we are keen to help get them in place.”