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Founded 14 years ago by Norfolk dealer Liz Allport-Lomax, her fairs rapidly made their mark in an area not overrun with antiques events and they achieved a reputation for good quality, standfitted, middle-range shows which maintain traditional datelines. With the founder's retirement at the end of the year, the circuit passes to art dealer John Harbottle, who is based at Fressingfield in North Suffolk and has been in the trade for 20 years, for the past six as a Lomax exhibitor.

In a letter to fellow exhibitors, some of whom have been with Lomax fairs since their inception, he states the name will be retained, stand costs definitely will not be increased and, while maintaining present venues, he is considering a new one for 2007.

The new owner says: "I have had plenty of experience as a dealer exhibiting at fairs so I am aware of what we all want in a successful and well run event."