A CCTV picture taken of the man who attempted to steal a watch at Reeman Dansie on August 9. The same man had stolen from the Colchester saleroom in March last year.

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Back in March 2004, this man attended the viewing of an antiques sale and stole a diamond brooch valued at £3000. He had concealed it in the palm of his hand while distracting a member of staff.

The individual that police and auctioneers are convinced is the thief returned to the Essex saleroom this month with an accomplice. During the view he again attempted to steal a diamond watch by placing it in his hand whilst returning the empty box closed to a member of staff.
This time the staff were more vigilant and the man was asked to return the watch which he did before very quickly walking out.

The auctioneer followed his accomplice to the car park of a neighbouring business where the man was waiting in his car, and confronted him before he drove off. If anyone has further information please contact Colchester Police quoting incident number 0425 of 09/08/2005.