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An index came out in 1829 and, for the Italian market, there was an additional three-vol. supplement in 1833-37.

The plates reproduced right are among the numerous coloured aquatints and etchings, plus six folding and outline coloured maps, found in a "complete"* French edition in original boards that sold for £7200 (Talanti) in a Dominic Winter sale of March 2. The auctioneers state that in the Italian edition, and presumably in the French, nine volumes are devoted to Europe, four to Asia and two each to Africa and the Americas. That makes 17, as in the Swindon set, but see the note below.

* In some sets, the plates are bound separately which can be confusing when determining how many volumes there should be in a complete set, but a US dealer is currently offering what appears to be full, 21-vol. set - including the index and supplements? - of the Italian edition, described as in original vellum bindings and containing some 1500 plates in all. It is priced at $87,500, or around £45,000.