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In scruffy and stained but original red lettered, grey wrappers, it had originally been valued at £150-200, but novelty and exposure in the national press did wonders for this curious work and the eventual selling price was £1200.

The work of Jack MacCullough, who is believed to have been a St. Andrews golfer, the book has a Rip van Winkle theme in which the hero, Alexander Gibson, awakes from a deep sleep to a brave new golfing world. Aside from the general predictions that range from the prescient, a large screen that plays images, to a tubular train connecting London and New York in little over two hours, the author has some interesting ideas about the future of golf. A Ryder Cup type Anglo-US competition and driverless golf carts were among the surprises awaiting the awakened sleeper, but most alarming of all for this Victorian gentleman golfer, was his arrival in a world in which women dress like men, work, serve as MPs and play golf full time!