LONDON-based Comic Book Postal Auctions hold several auction highs for British comics including, earlier this year, a world record £12,100 for The Beano No. 1. However, that remarkable price could well be threatened by this copy of The Dandy No. 1.


Published by D.C. Thomson of Dundee on 4 December 1937, it is considered the highest grade copy ever to be offered at auction, with bright fresh colours and creamy white pages. But the real draw is its free gift, the Express Whistler. It is the only known surviving example of the modest blue and yellow tinplate toy that was given away in its own envelope. Postal bids are invited up until September 7, with the estimate set at a cool £7000-9000.

Also pictured here is a copy of The Dandy No. 2 from the same remarkable archive - the spoils of a collector who had treasured them and other first editions since new. The Dandy No. 2 also includes its super-rare free gift, the fully operational red tinplate Jumping Frog that is one of three known to survive. Its estimate is £700-900.

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