At the Cambridge Glass Fair, TVADA dealers The Country Seat are offering this Whitefriars amethyst vase designed by James Hogan, patent no. 8975.

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There was a proliferation of glass fairs a few years ago, but the scene seems to have calmed down a bit now. However, this is an event which has prospered, largely because the organiser has made an effort to attract quality dealers in a wide variety of areas.

The Country Seat from Oxfordshire will be there showing Whitefriars glass, now their speciality;  Roger Harris will provide Continental glass;  Marris Antiques will be among a good many offering 18th and 19th century glass while  Primavera promote the work of contemporary glass artist  Bob Crooks.

As I write, I learn that Kensington dealer  Nigel Benson has just acquired an important collection of Finnish glass of the 1950s to mid-1960s which he will unveil at the fair.

Contemporary is well represented and the mix of old and new has become a feature of the event, as have the regular exhibitions within the fair designed to introduce visitors to new areas.

Whitefriars and Chance Brothers proved 
popular subjects and this month the focus is on Bimini, a glassworks founded in Vienna in 1923 by Fritz Lampl, which has in the past received scant exposure.

Admission is £3.