From Eight Days In June the exhibition at Garry Atkins’s Kensington shop will feature this 17in (43cm) high Yorkshire pearlware horse, c.1820, priced around £15,000.

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Such was the success of this collaborative venture over the past two years that these shows have already become a June London fixture and all are held within a short stroll of each other.

The participants are now familiar, Simon Spero at 109 Kensington Church Street; Garry Atkins at 107 Kensington Church Street; Roderick Jellicoe at 3A Campden Street, off Kensington Church Street, and Liane Richards of Mercury Antiques at 1 Ladbroke Road.

This year they have produced a greatly expanded 48-page complimentary catalogue, which illustrates more than 100 pieces set aside specifically for this joint event. Between them they have bought over 150 fresh pieces of stock for the venture, many of them from private collections.

The planning, promotion and general enthusiasm for this project has been a combined effort that belies the idea that dealers are incapable of such cooperation. It fully justified the four's decision to leave the International Ceramics Fair and work from their shops.

As one of the four said: "The underlying theme of promoting the antiques shop, surely still the bedrock of the antiques trade, has been greeted with universal approval."