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Last year the dealers won the day in the charity event, but this year both teams, who kick off at the Bank of England Sports Ground in Roehampton, south west London, on the evening of September 3, are looking for fresh talent to improve their chances.

As well as the match itself, there will be a charity raffle and supper, probably in the form of a barbecue (depending on the weather).

Funds raised on the night will go to breast cancer charity The Haven, which benefited last year.

Those wanting to play on the dealers’ team should contact Lennox Cato on 01732 865988 (email: cato@lennoxcato.com), while those hoping to join the auctioneers should phone Paul Campbell on 01273 472503 (email: paulc@gorringes.co.uk). Player fees are £35, which includes supper. Spectators are welcome and they can book supper in advance for £5, or pay £8 on the night. Bookings may also be made via Lennox Cato and Paul Campbell.