THE first day of the March 13-14 angling sale held by Mullock Madeley at Ludlow Racecourse was devoted to the literature of the sport. Seen right is one of two complete runs of The Creel from the years 1963-67 that sold at £200 and £210. A set of all bar one of the ...How to Catch Them series, all in dust jackets and all bar the Pike book first editions, sold at £460.

The missing title was Elements of Nymph Fishing. Seen right is a 1950 first of Confessions of a Carp Fisher by B.B. [D.J. Watkins-Pitchford] which sold at £150. Among the older books was a 1787 first edition of Thomas Best’s popular and much reprinted Art of Angling, a clean and tight copy in half morocco gilt of “one of the earliest references for the tackle researcher” that was to be had for a seemingly modest £310.