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From the catalogue come these two London delftware blue-and-white, wet-drug jars, right, each priced in the region of £3000.

The c.1680 jar on the left is 63/4in (17cm) high and was probably made in Southwark; Its label inscription O.MASTICHIN is for Oleum Mastichinum, a liniment made by heating mastic in a mixture of rose-oil and wine.

The c.1690 jar on the right which stands 6in (15cm) high, has a rare songbird label inscribed O. Momord for a preparation of Momordica Charantialin, a member of the cucumber family with, its advocates claim, considerable curative and nutritional properties.

Among the other catalogue highlights is a rare Fulham saltglazed stoneware tankard, the rim with a contemporary silver mount, c.1705, but there is also plenty available, including eminently affordable items, such as tiles, which are not in the catalogue.