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The show is presented by The Glass Circle and will display around 250 pieces, mainly loaned by members of the Circle but with additional loans from private collections and museums such as Broadfield House Glass Museum, the Museum of London and the V&A.

The exhibition will reflect the diversity of glass produced in Britain for consumption both here and across the Empire and will contain such rarities as varnished glass, which was only produced in 1850 and 1851 before it was banned due to its high levels of mercury which was literally killing off the glassworkers.

The exhibition will also feature the famous Copeland Vase from the V&A, an appropriate exhibit for the venue since it originally belonged to Sir Richard Wallace.

A study day on 19th century glass will be held at The Wallace Collection on Saturday, October 18 (to book contact Hayley Kruger on 0207 563 9551).