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These bold, expressive rugs from South-West Persia have an ancient history but are exceptionally modern
in appearance with a vibrancy of colour which has led them to be compared to some of the best
modern abstract painting.

Using primitive looms, the women weavers of the nomadic tribes of the Zagros Mountains created powerful textiles suitable for wall and floor, each one unique. The 6ft 83/4in by 4ft (2.05 x 1.23m) example right dates from 1880 and costs £2600.

Mr Reece has drawn the stock at this exhibition from a large private collection of gabbehs he recently bought in Iran and believes it is the best selection currently available on the market. He will be selling items from it for the next two years.

There will be some other interesting work from the Zagros Mountains in the show apart from gabbehs, among them a dozen or so very colourful animal covers. Exhibits date from the first quarter of the 20th century and earlier, and the price range is £300-3000.