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From February 9 to 14 in Grays’ Mews basement, South Molton Lane, near Bond Street tube station, a special St. Valentine’s exhibition will be mounted bringing together a range of material from many different dealers in the centre.

The show has been well thought out with three broad categories, traditional Valentine items like Victorian cards; romantic kitsch of the 1950s, and erotic collectables (nothing too shocking but items such as saucy corsets at £65 from Linda Bee).

A sample of what is on offer: a 19th century French singing lovebird in a gold gilt cage costing £2000 from Automatomania; a miniature book The Kisses, published in 1846 and offered by Biblion at £45, and 19th century silver heart frames from Evonne Antiques, starting at £120 for the one shown right.