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From March 10 to 29 Mr Spero displays The Simpson Collection of 18th Century English Blue and White Miniature Porcelain, the largest and most comprehensive collection of its type ever put together.

It was Simon Spero who back in 1976 got the collection underway. Jane Simpson dropped into the dealer’s shop, then in the West End, drawn by some miniature porcelain in the window.

These tiny treats became a passion which, luckily, was shared by Jane Simpson’s husband Alasdair and over the following 20 years the couple amassed some 400 pieces.
Made as playthings for children and accessories for dolls’ houses, miniature porcelain items became a craze with many collectors during the second half of the 18th century when most of the newly-established English factories had a miniature line.

Frederick, Prince of Wales, eldest son of George II, was one of many aristocrats fascinated by these novelties. The Simpsons retain their fascination with the subject but decided to sell the collection a few years ago when they felt they had taken it as far as it could go.

Mr Spero has already sold the coloured wares and the 133 blue and white examples will be offered this month priced from less than £200 to over £5000.

At just £12, a scholarly and attractive hardback catalogue has been produced to accompany the show and is certain to become a vital reference tool.