DEALERS are being warned to look out for a well-dressed man using stolen cheques to pay for antiques at fairs.

The alert was raised by two dealers standing recently at a Goodwood fair who lost £500 worth of goods to the fraudster.

The man, who was white, about 6ft tall, with dark curly hair, was probably aged in his early forties. He was well dressed in a blazer and smart trousers and approached their stand carrying two carrier bags of antiques.

He selected a gold watch after giving it little more than a cursory glance and paid for it and other items using a cheque from a Barclays account in the name of Mr J.K. Self. The cheque, which later proved to be stolen, gave the Barclays branch as being at 45 Market Street, Wymondham, Norfolk. Importantly, the man was able to supply further identification, including a driving licence, under the same name.

One of the dealers, who is from the county themselves, said that the man spoke softly in a Norfolk accent. They had a conversation about places in the county and the dealer said that the man’s knowledge of Norfolk showed that he was likely to have come from there.

Anyone who thinks they may have spotted the man at a fair, or had dealings with him, should contact their local police station.