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Above right: a 71/2in (19cm) high Tiffany paperweight glass vase painted with stylised blue flowers against an iridescent gold ground, that made $12,000 (£8110) and, right centre, another paperweight vase from the Doyles sale, of similar size but signed and painted with blue morning glories and leaves, which reached $25,000 (£16,890).

Paperweight glass consisted of a thick layer of decorated glass.

Below right: standing 18in (46cm) tall, this Tiffany Favrile vase of c.1920 has iridescent blue and gold pulled feather decoration on translucent greenish blue glass. It made $22,000 (£14,865) at Skinners.

The glass shade reverse- painted with butterflies against a colourful floral ground, this 241/2in (62cm) high, Handel lamp was sold for $9500 (£6420) at Doyles. Established in Meriden, Connecticut, home to several lamp makers, Philip Handel’s company originally decorated bought-in glass blanks for kerosene lighting, but after 1900 the rapid spread of domestic electricity saw them making all sorts of lamps, including ambitious Tiffany-style leaded lamps, but their most successful line was the reverse painted lamp.