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One of the more interesting sections was a series of the silver coins of the Low Countries of the 13 to 15th centuries. They are some of the finest examples of Gothic art extant, and are also redolent of the 100 Years War. One of the most attractive of this series is the Flanders groat issued by Duke Louis de Male (1346-84). This depicts a splendid lion wearing a fine helmet of the period. It is a document that arms and armour specialists should take an interest in. Actually, it is a coin that turns up from time to time but really nice examples are hard to find. There was one in this sale, it made €475 (£305).

What is perhaps of more specialist interest is the catalogue (3598 lots!) relating to the coins and medals of Saxony which occupied the two days of July 29 and 30. They are some of the most splendid in the whole German series.

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