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Bamboo furniture first arrived in the West in the 18th century as part of the China trade but it really came into vogue in the last quarter of the 19th century when bamboo pieces added an exotic, often rather Japonaise element to the Victorian interior.

As well as pieces made from the bamboo plant itself, faux bamboo furniture was constructed from pine, or in America from maple, and then turned and decorated to imitate the distinctive tubular reeds.

There are over 60 lots in the collection offered at Doyle’s, which has come up for sale because the vendor is moving to California.

Around 30 per cent of the pieces are of bamboo construction, the remainder are faux bamboo and of that 70 per cent just a handful are Continental, the rest almost equally divided between examples of English and American manufacture.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the collection is its comprehensiveness for almost every category of furniture is featured, not only the small occasional pieces most commonly encountered but some quite substantial items as well. It includes washstands, side tables, chests, chairs, canterburys, mirrors, a secrétaires à abbattant and even several beds. That said, one of the most sought-after elements is likely to be the miniature pieces, several examples of which are illustrated here. The pieces shown are a mix of English and American manufacture and are estimated to fetch in the $300-500 to $800-1200 range.