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A Lauenstein ceremonial cut glass covered goblet, 15in (38cm) tall, left, made c.1740 and engraved with the royal standard flanked by the lion and unicorn, symbolizing the union of the British crown and the House of Hanover, sold just short of estimate for DM2500 (£8060).

Other glassware extended from a 1907 Daum enamelled vase with small handles and rare mushroom décor, 71/2in (19cm) tall, that doubled predictions on DM18,500 (£5970), and to a 1952 Peill & Putzler clear glass Venezia chandelier from Düren that rated DM950 (£305).

Leading the Venetian offerings proper was Gino Vistosi’s 1960s glass and metal chandelier, height 2ft11in (90cm), composed of red disks of Murano glass, at a quadruple-estimate DM9000 (£2900).

A 1902 pale grey and blue stoneware beer-drinking set by Reinhold Merkelbach, comprising six tankards and large jug, all with tripod feet, sold well on DM11,000 (£3550) and a pair of three-light Art Nouveau pewter candelbra, 13in (33cm) tall, by Kayser of Krefeld (c.1907), made DM2200 (£710).

The sale’s top price of DM42,000 (£13,500) rewarded a silver Art Nouveau tray, 2ft3in x 15in (69 x 38cm), designed by Henry van Velde (c.1898). A sober Art Deco tray by Emil Lettré (Berlin, c.1930) rated DM14,000 (£4500) and an Art Deco teapot with ivory handle by Robert Fischer of the Schwäbisch Gmund (c.1930) made DM5700 (£1840).

Exchange rate: £1 = DM3.1