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Founded in 1998 by designers Anjalee Wakankar and Sanjib Chatterjee KAARU is a collaboration of designers, architects, sculptors, painters, metalworkers and artisans from throughout India looking to creatively explore processes by which the old artistic heritage can be sustained by use in the context of modern urban lifestyles.

‘Art For Everyday Living’ celebrates the international launch of KAARU and it runs until November 17 at the the Nehru Centre,
8 South Audley Street, London W1.
Lectures, receptions and seminars are centred around a selling exhibition showcasing 11 selected craft forms from different regions of India, from lighting and furniture to sandstone work and scroll painting.

In line with the permaculture idea of sustainable living and agriculture being championed in India, only renewable material is used in an honest approach to mixing contemporary design with classical heritage that really works.