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The Datadot was first developed by Datatag ID as an invisible ‘barcode’ device to identify Yamaha motorbikes when stolen. Yamaha own the company that develops the technology.

Now, Mr Finlay has adapted Apple Art-Mark to incorporate the Datatag ID Transponder (microchip) or Datadot (smaller than a grain of rice) to provide a tagging system for art and antiques. The Datadot is chemically inert and invisible to the naked eye, at the same time offering permanent and indelible identification of objects without spoiling or damaging them in any way.

The details of each item are then logged into the Datatag master database, which already contains over 400,000 records of customer property, and this information is encrypted to ensure complete confidentiality. All police forces in the country have a scanner to check the transponders. In all, they have access to over 3000 of the hand-held scanners.

The company have been in contact with the Association of British Insurers and report that they are interested in the development as keen supporters of property marking. They hope that the costs of using the system may be partially offset by reduced insurance premiums.