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The terminal uses Vodafone’s extensive UK network to send the transaction to Barclaycard Merchant Services for processing. Malcolm Hord, chief executive of LAPADA, who have a special arrangement with Barclaycard for their members, dubbed the machine a potential “godsend” for dealers on the move.

Barclaycard statistics show that consumers and businesses are relying more and more on purchasing goods and services by card and less on cash and cheques. Last year alone, the number of credit and debit cards in circulation had increased by 12 per cent, total card transactions increased by eight per cent whilst the number of cheques in circulation decreased by almost six per cent.

Tony Slater, commercial director of Barclaycard Merchant Services, said: “The mobile terminal will create new sales opportunities for retailers, who may now be in a better position to accept card payments as a result. This will ultimately increase turnover and revenue. We believe that the mobile terminal has huge potential and many businesses will soon be able to process card transactions from the doorstep to Dartmoor!”

The mobile terminal (MEPoS) is a compact, lightweight hand-held device which verifies, authorises and processes payments via the Vodafone UK GSM network in 13-15 seconds. All transactions are processed at the point of sale, thus reducing the potential for card fraud.
The terminals can either be bought (£595 plus VAT with a year’s full warranty) or leased over three years (£19.95 plus VAT per month), with warranties and a monthly Vodafone network access charge of £5. Transactions fees are agreed separately with Barclaycard.

For further information about the Barclaycard Merchant Services mobile terminal, retailers should call the sales centre on 0800 61 61 61.