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This featured finely painted chinoiseries in coral-red against a beige background, showing reclining figures under a tree with a lake or lagoon in the background. Another painted chest of drawers of the same date but hailing from Tuscany fetched Li56m (£18,360).

Considerably more battered than the Venetian example, not as finely painted and less attractive in form, clearly it was going to command a lesser sum, but it nevertheless exceeded its estimate.

A set of eight 18th century walnut chairs plus a sofa made in England with finely carved legs and ‘lute’ backs fetched Li90m (£29,510), whilst a mid-19th century French chandelier with 57 lights went for Li83m (£27,210). The massive gilt-bronze chandelier was decorated with glass and mirror inserts and shaped in the form of vigorous foliage. Other items of note included an 18th century Roman desk in walnut and rosewood,
distinguished by a little drawer and letter rack at either end. This sold for Li55m (£18,000).