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PAD London

Exhibitor list for PAD London reveals 11 newcomers and increased design emphasis

12 June 2017

The 11th edition of PAD London hosts 67 galleries including 11 newcomers.


Frost creates warm atmosphere

12 June 2017

Boats, breasts and bright colours are key features in the exuberant works of Terry Frost (1915-2003).


Dealers join forces on Cotswolds campaign

12 June 2017

Manfred Schotten and Christopher Clarke Antiques join forces this summer for their regular Cotswolds exhibition which takes place every second year.

Olympia fair

Soapbox: do smaller and more select fairs make better business sense?

12 June 2017

BADA has just unveiled plans for a smaller fair, BADA Collection at the Lanesborough, to launch in October (ATG No 2295). So here we ask: do smaller, more select fairs make better business sense?


Olympia fair draws out designs for life

12 June 2017

Sue Norman is a practised hand at The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia (June 26-July 2). As an exhibitor at this west London event for 36 uninterrupted years, she knows the show well, is familiar with the crowd it attracts and approaches it strategically.


Q&A with Olympia returner James Brett

12 June 2017

Norwich dealer James Brett vowed to continue dealing when he sold 300 pieces of stock at a Sworders sale in 2010. He has been good to his word and this year returns to Olympia for the first time in seven years. ATG spoke to Brett about his business and the wider market.


Harry Moore-Gwyn offers Sir George Clausen works on paper at Olympia

12 June 2017

Harry Moore-Gwyn Fine Art brings a selection of 20 works on paper by English artist Sir George Clausen (1852-1944) to mark the 45th anniversary of The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia.


Emporium is added to Asian art empire

12 June 2017

Asian art dealer Gerald Davison has taken a selling space in The Emporium in Berkshire, which he plans to run as well as his current space at Acreman St Antiques & Interiors.


5 Questions: Matt Dixon of TallBoy Unique Interiors

12 June 2017

Matt Dixon of TallBoy Unique Interiors, specialises in a mix of taxidermy, architectural salvage, religious artefacts and other items. He will stand at the upcoming Salvo 2017 (June 23-25).


They said what?! The week (5-11 June) in quotes from the art and antiques world

11 June 2017

In our weekend series, Antiques Trade Gazette brings you a selection of quotes from dealers, auctioneers, collectors and others. This week we cover fair size, Terry Frost and the result of the General Election.

Polling station

Trade takes to Twitter for General Election outpourings

08 June 2017

Auctioneers, dealers and other members of the trade have taken to Twitter to vent their feelings on today’s General Election.

Harry potter

Boy wizard still conjures top prices: Harry Potter material on offer for 20th anniversary

08 June 2017

First it was rejected by 12 publishing houses. Then Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in an initial run of 500 hardback copies.

Darren Hudson

Darren Hudson joins Decorative Fair team

07 June 2017

Darren Hudson of Hudson Antiques has joined the organisational body behind the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair.

Hooker original

Botanical illustration exhibition toasts bicentenary of explorer and scientist Joseph Dalton Hooker

06 June 2017

Botanist Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911) is remembered for his directorship of Kew Gardens, his close friendship with Charles Darwin, and the more than 30 plants with the specific name ‘hookeri’ and ‘hookeriana’ in his honour.

ABA exterior

A tale of two book fairs: ABA and PBFA kick off Rare Books London

05 June 2017

Two antiquarian book fairs held by the Antiquarian Booksellers Association (ABA) and Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association (PBFA) kicked off Rare Books London last week. The ABA’s London International Antiquarian Book ran from June 1-3 and the PBFA’s London International Premier Fair ran from June 1-2. Here, ATG takes you on a journey through the two west London events.

New BADA boutique fair for October

05 June 2017

The British Antiques Dealers Association (BADA) will launch a new collectors’ show this autumn bringing together 20 dealers for a “curated collectors’ event”.


Castle looms over local Ludlow show

05 June 2017

A view of Ludlow Castle is one of the works included in Miles Wynn Cato’s ongoing exhibition.


Furniture collectors make quality count in Suffolk

05 June 2017

Andrew Singleton’s first of two annual exhibitions this year opens on June 10, and he is prepared for a rush of interest in early furniture.


Mayfair gallery exhibition shows that Rodin sculpture is readily available to start a collection

05 June 2017

On the centenary of Auguste Rodin’s (1840-1917) death the French sculptor is still much in evidence.


Austrian dealer moves into former Mallett premises

05 June 2017

White walls, harsh lighting, edgy urban location: this is the usual checklist for global contemporary art galleries, writes Laura Chesters.