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Woolley & Wallis launch Chinese version of website

30 October 2013Written by ATG Reporter

In keeping with changing market trends, Woolley & Wallis of Salisbury have launched a new Chinese version of their website.

Working with Jersey-based firm Web Reality, the site - a first for a regional auctioneer - has been produced byWebrealityin conjunction with Freya Yuan, a full-time Chinese-speaking member of staff, who joined the Asian Art department at Woolley & Wallis last year.

Freya has been raising the company profile using Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and a website that is more welcoming and user-friendly to Chinese clients seemed the natural progression.

The site is intrinsically the same as the English site but features a Question & Answer tab to cover the most commonly asked questions from Chinese buyers regarding payment, shipping etc.

The site goes live in ample time for the firm's Asian art sales on November 13-14, but the intention is to broaden the variety of items listed online to include jewellery, silver and clocks and watches and other items that may appeal to a Far Eastern audience.

The site is available by clicking the Chinese flag on the English site or using www.woolleyandwallis.cn.com through a browser.

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