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Portrait of Tower of London’s lieutenant goes on the block

28 February 2013Written by ATG Reporter

This 14½ x 12in (37 x 30in) portrait which will be offered at Dickins Auctioneers in Middle Claydon, Buckingham, on March 1-2 has been dated to c.1513 after the auctioneers carried out an X-ray test on the oak panel.

It carries the inscription Sir John Bruges (Brydges) of Coberly afterwards Lord Chandos Baron of Sudeley (Sudely), AETAETIS SVAE 21.

John Brydges, 1st Baron Chandos, became a prominent figure in the Tudor court and was lieutenant of the Tower of London during the earlier part of Mary I's reign.

Estimated at £10,000-20,000, it has come to auction from source with a direct line to the former owners of Stowe House. The same consignment has yielded 19 further lots for the sale which include a 39-piece vanity case by Albert Barker estimated at £1000-1500.

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