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The up-and-down world of art in nature

09 September 2004Written by ATG Reporter

PLENTY of art and antiques on offer around the capital this month but the imaginative Mayfair tribal art specialists the Gordon Reece Gallery have come up with a different take on the decorative, with a selling exhibition they hold at 16 Clifford Street, London W1 until October 2.

Majestic Forms: Nature as Sculptor offers a collection honed by the elements and time, which the gallery describes as “often monumental in feel, sometimes fantastical in shape but always of awesome beauty”. This seems a fair description of stalactites and stalagmites which actually comprise the show. I am not sure just how you price an accident of nature, but the range is £300 to £14,000.

An interesting exhibition for a commercial gallery, but not out of place in the art world. Increasingly, I have seen sculptural fossils and other natural objects taking over whole stands at reputable antiques fairs – and why not?

They would certainly pass any vetting committee on the criteria of age and authenticity.

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