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For King and Constitution – and the pursuit of a rare beaker

07 July 2004Written by ATG Reporter

PROVING the highlight of the commemoratives offered by Special Auction Services (15% buyer’s premium) in the wake of the Leslie Crowther collection of pot lids and Prattware on June 7 was this George III King and Constitution earthenware beaker.

To one side the 3 3/4in (9cm) high beaker - possibly made by Wedgwood - carries a black printed half-length portrait of the monarch together with military insignia and a map of Cuba.

To the other is the slogan King and Constitution, first noted around 1793 at the time of the outbreak of war with Revolutionary France.

It is a great rarity but was damaged with clever restoration and repainting across the portrait bust likely concealing a substantial crack or break.

There were knowledgeable dealers and collectors who considered it correctly pitched at £800-1200 but - reaffirming the old adage that an item sold at auction is worth only what two people are prepared to pay for it - two specialists competed it to £2800.
Written by

ATG Reporter

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