The front page of ATG No 2279, complete with Alan Titchmarsh (see letter on right).

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Like a great deal of people I speak with, I marvel at the versatility of Alan Titchmarsh: gardener, author, broadcaster, day-time talk-show host and now, it seems, art historian!

Putting the remarkable Mr Titchmarsh among the likes of David Starkey and Simon Thurley I’m sure brought colour to the cheeks of many ATG readers.

Richard Morris


Editor responds: Yours is the only Titchmarsh objection we have received (so far anyway).

Having forgiven Mr Titchmarsh for his Masterpiece antiques TV quiz show, we had no qualms about including him in our canvassing of cultural opinion formers on antique ivory, for the very qualities you outline: his ubiquity on the airwaves and appeal to a broad section of society.

Judging by the many and varied letters we receive on the subject, we believe our readers agree the antique ivory issue is not an elitist one confined to highbrow commentators.