Paul Martin
Flog It! has been presented by Paul Martin for the past 17 years. Image: BBC by Anna Gordon.

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Elizabeth Talbot, director, TW Gaze, Flog It! host auctioneer and valuer:

I have worked with Flog It! since its beginnings in 2002 as both host auctioneer and on-screen ‘expert’.

I valued the format’s positive constructive dynamic for giving a realistic and trusted insight into the world of auctions, an interpretation of the concept of market value and an understanding of the many influences thereon.

Over the years it helped remove the stigma around the auction room as being prohibitively exclusive. While perhaps not a popular admission, this has certainly been advantageous for the auction industry.


TW Gaze's Elizabeth Talbot: 'Flog It! gave a realistic and trusted insight into the world of auctions'

The programme also included plenty of human interest with each consignment being accompanied by a person with a story – a winning formula for good telly. Unlike game show formats, which abound, Flog It! was the ultimate in reality TV – accessible but with purpose.

Popular choice

It was educative light entertainment and unquestionably popular. As such, it earned a legitimate place in viewing schedules and, despite the myriad of repeats, will be sadly missed by viewers.

However, perhaps after more years than might have been expected at its inception, better that the show end in full flow with its strong identity intact, and not morph unforgivably into something else.

Most people were sad…

Michael Baggott, Flog It! expert valuer: There will still be any number of daytime antiques game shows on our screens, but I hesitate to think they will educate and inform the way Flog It! (at its best) often did.

Christina Trevanion, partner at Trevanion & Dean Auctioneers, Flog It! host auctioneer and valuer: I have a great fondness for the programme, as the first television show I was asked to work on and the closest to reflect what I do in my day-to-day life as an auctioneer.

(on Twitter) @juliejoy54
#BBC #FlogIt Ridiculous dumbing down decision to cancel this great programme. Let’s hope it finds a home on commercial channel. Another reason to stop the TV licence.

You just can’t cancel Flog It! What am I going to watch when I visit my grandparents......? #FlogIt 

Adam Partridge, founder, Adam Partridge Auctioneers, Flog It! host auctioneer and valuer:
Sad has been a great 15 years on the programme, which is the most realistic antiques shows on television, yet the game shows continue to survive.

…though not everyone was

@govauctionnews: Wish I could say I’ll miss #Flogit but always found it dreadfully dull (eight objects appraised & sold in an hour…) The experts are good, but Paul Martin is agonisingly patronising: “Ooh Cyril! You’re 75 but you’ve put a suit on! And are those your own teeth?”

Flog It!? Flogged to death, more like.