A drawing of Angkor Preah Khan Temple by André Maire that features in the exhibition at the Dumonteil Gallery in Paris.

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The show runs from June 23-July 31 featuring the drawn record of Maire’s encounters with the natural and cultural landscape while travelling through modern-day Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Scenes of exotic architecture, sacred sights and the natural world are recorded in pencil charcoal and sanguine.

Among the works is his 1955 drawing of Angkor Preah Khan Temple. The religious complex was constructed during the ancient Khmer empire of the 12th century and Maire’s depiction of it shows a remarkable cultural site fallen into disrepair.

This is the second showing of the exhibition which debuted at the Dumonteil’s Gallery in Shanhai in September 2016. Drawings are priced from €3000- 4000 and gouaches are available for €5000-10,000.