More reasons for Salisbury rooms to bless America

19 March 2018

It was in keeping with a Salisbury sale dominated by the remarkable £460,000 bid for a teapot made at Cain Hoy, South Carolina by John Bartlam c.1765 (see ATG 2331), that the same Woolley & Wallis (25% buyer’s premium) ceramics sale included a group of three rare enamel boxes made for the American market.

Woolley & Wallis in Salisbury

Woolley & Wallis auction calendar unchanged after Salisbury attack on former Russian spy

16 March 2018

Salisbury saleroom Woolley & Wallis has announced that it will continue with its planned auction calendar despite the ongoing police activity in the city following the recent nerve agent attack on a former Russian intelligence officer.


Fish dish tickles bidder tastebuds in Salisbury

26 February 2018

When it comes to the business of selling middle-market collections, the big London salerooms are particularly adept at cherry-picking the best and rejecting the rest.


The story behind the Met’s epic £460,000 auction battle for ‘America’s first china teapot’

26 February 2018

A hitherto unrecorded teapot attributed to a pioneering North American porcelain factory sold last week for a remarkable £460,000 (plus premium) at Woolley & Wallis in Salisbury.

Woolley and Wallis auction Salisbury 2331NE 21-02-18.jpg

New York’s Met Museum wins bidding for early American teapot at Salisbury auction – video

21 February 2018

An early American porcelain teapot sold for £460,000 at a Woolley & Wallis auction in Salisbury this week is now on its way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

John Bartlam Cain Hoy teapot

Early American teapot sells at £460,000 as vendor makes huge return on £15 purchase

20 February 2018

A previously unrecorded teapot attributed to a pioneering American porcelain factory sold at a Woolley & Wallis auction today for £460,000. The vendor of the teapot, a private collector from south-west of England, had bought it recently in the Midlands for just £15.

Antiques dealer Geoffrey Harley

5 Mod Brit highlights from dealer Geoffrey Harley’s collection sold at Woolley & Wallis’ auction

16 February 2018

Modern British art from the estate of the late antiques dealer Geoffrey Harley raised a total of £626,000 at Woolley & Wallis.


Far Eastern demand helps tiaras to shine

05 February 2018

Deemed a little ostentatious in some Western circles, tiaras remain popular with the so-called ‘new’ markets.


Snuff boxes sum up unusual appeal

22 January 2018

Four unusual collections caught the eye, if not always the cash, at Woolley & Wallis (25% buyer's premium).


First sales of 2018 make a happy new year

22 January 2018

Two of the first sales of 2018 suggest that toasts to the future can be drunk from half-full, rather than half-empty, Georgian rummers.


Cor blimey… have a butcher’s at this

08 January 2018

Cockney barrow boy-related jewellery is coming to auction in Salisbury later this month.


Lambeth Walk 'cockney bling' comes to auction in Salisbury

05 January 2018

A cache of cockney barrow boy related jewellery will come to auction in Salisbury later this month.


Brewing up a storm: America’s first china teapot unearthed for £15

02 January 2018

A hitherto unrecorded teapot attributed to a pioneering American porcelain factory has surfaced in the UK.


Picture captures the lonely feel of Lowry art

02 January 2018

A market-fresh figure study by Mod Brit giant LS Lowry (1887-1976), pictured below, topped the sale at Woolley & Wallis.


Previews: £30,000 plus

02 January 2018

Our weekly selection from salerooms and dealerships.


ART MARKET: Political historian Peter Mangold's home became a Mod Brit treasure trove

02 January 2018

Art assembled by Peter Mangold, the late political historian, led a strong line-up of Modern British pictures at Woolley & Wallis (25% buyer’s premium) in Salisbury.


Cider and a scapegoat in focus in Salisbury sale

11 December 2017

Engraved 18th century glassware opened the sale at Woolley & Wallis (22% buyer’s premium) in Salisbury on October 18.


Sell-out sale of early spoons in Salisbury

27 November 2017

A recent silver sale at Woolley & Wallis in Salisbury included a cache of early spoons from the collection of David Constable. Each had been illustrated and discussed in his magnum opus, 'Silver Spoons of Britain', published in 2016.


Jewels of the real-life Lady Chatterley

20 November 2017

Twelve items of jewellery belonging to Lady Ottoline Morrell (1873-1938) – the woman who inspired the DH Lawrence character Lady Chatterley – contributed more than £15,000 to the sale conducted by Woolley & Wallis on October 26.


Ivory carves a market test at auction

23 October 2017

In a diverse 515-lot sale, finely carved wood and alabaster, porcelain and even furniture took eye-catching bids – but much of the wider market was waiting to see how a large consignment of 18th and 19th century ivory carvings would fare at Woolley & Wallis (22% buyer’s premium) on October 4.