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Gramophone needle tins up at auction show the appeal of niche collecting

16 April 2018

By the law of averages, there must be a collector out there for just about any antique. So while gramophone collecting is not that unusual, gramophone needle tins definitely push into the ‘niche’ category.


Rudiments of reading and other tales of childhood

19 March 2018

Early children’s books, many from a single collection formed by the late Mary Joy Sanger, provided a principal attraction in a February 27 sale held in Penzance by David Lay (18% buyer’s premium).


The Leicester Square buzz and bustle captured in oil painting

12 February 2018

A bustling scene of Leicester Square by genre painter Edward Prentis (1797-1854) took £6800 at David Lay (18% buyer’s premium) of Penzance.


Shaft and globe shows a lot of Cornish bottle

29 January 2018

A 17th century long-necked sealed ‘shaft and globe’ wine bottle sold for an unexpected £8300 (plus 15% buyer’s premium) at Barbara Kirk Auctions in Penzance on January 23.


Artist Midge bites back at auction

20 November 2017

Just a clutch of canvases by the Cornish artist Marjorie Frances ‘Midge’ Bruford (1902-58) have gone under the auctioneer’s gavel.

Mining and other Cornish pastimes

25 September 2017

Works of Cornish interest featured prominently in a sale held by David Lay (18% buyer’s premium) of Penzance, among them those from the library of the writer and scholar, PAS Pool.

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Not a krazy amount for a toy but spot-on

11 September 2017

Topping the 175 toys at David Lay’s (15% buyer’s premium) sale at Penzance on August 22, was this 1930s clockwork tinplate Krazy Kar marked By Permission Walt Disney – Mickey Mouse Ltd to the rear and Made in England to the left-hand side.


Artist who is now ruffling feathers

17 July 2017

“If I was a dealer, I’d buy the whole lot and put on a show. He’s a sort of great ‘undiscovered’ artist.” Mimi Lay of the Penzance auction house David Lay is referring to a consignment of graphic art by the 20th century painter and lithographer Richard Platt (b.1928).

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Death Railway survivor's sword comes to Cornish auction

22 June 2017

The ‘value’ of an auction lot cannot always be summed up by price alone. While not at a high estimate level, a sword coming up in a Cornish saleroom has a fascinating background. And whatever the final result is, the historical value can be viewed as priceless.


Cornish and Celtic lots from an all-rounder academic and bard

30 May 2017

First Professor of Cornish Studies at Exeter University and Bard of Gorseth Kernow, Charles Thomas (1928-2016) was both a prolific writer and a bibliophile.


Shipshape Cornish work sails back home

15 May 2017

A Newlyn School work by Albert Chevalier Tayler (1862-1926) topped David Lay’s (18% buyer’s premium) April 27 sale in Penzance.

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Celebrating Japanese woodblock artists and the Brits they inspired at galleries and auction

18 January 2017

The beautiful Japanese woodblock prints created by artists such as Hokusai and Hiroshige inspired similar works across the world and most famously the paintings of Van Gogh.

Gold ducat Ferdinand I of Aragon

15th century gold coin found by dog-walkers heads to auction in Cornwall

06 January 2017

A rare European gold coin found by a dog-walker on a Cornish beach is to be auctioned in Penzance later this month.

Bloomer caps WH Lane A 7-12-16.jpg

England football goalscoring great Steve Bloomer international caps up for auction at Penzance saleroom

08 December 2016

In September last year Wayne Rooney hit his 48th goal for England, overtaking at last Sir Bobby Charlton’s scoring record. But the achievements of a much earlier England star will be celebrated on December 15 thanks to an auction in Cornwall.

Burmese silver bowl

Vendor’s waste paper basket proves to be rare Burmese silver bowl

11 November 2016

A rare late 19th century Burmese silver bowl has come to auction having previously been used by the vendor’s mother as a waste paper basket.

Gibson photographic archive

Penlee House Museum buys evocative photograph archive

07 July 2016

An eleventh-hour private treaty deal has secured a photographic archive for the Penlee House Museum and Gallery.

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The £52,000 Penzance purr-chase

25 February 2015

This finely modelled ancient Egyptian bronze cat head with original large gold hoop earrings was the uncontested star of David Lay’s latest auction in Penzance, Cornwall.

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Shoe flask from The Deptford Pottery

23 January 2014

This novelty flask in the form of a shoe features in Barbara Kirk’s forthcoming Antiques & Collectors Items Auction in Penzance.


Wallis cache emerges via neighbour

11 October 2010

WHEN Barnes Thomas, director of Barnes Thomas County Auctioneers of Penzance, was called to the home of a retired fisherman in the town to value a painting, he found a cache of works by the original St Ives naive painter, Alfred Wallis (1855-1942).

Post office closure in Penzance threatens customer service

01 September 2008

The mass closure of small post offices around the country has been filling many column inches recently. Auctioneers W.H. Lane & Sons of Penzance are just one of many small businesses in more remote areas who believe their level of customer service will suffer when their local office is closed.