WEB onslows art deco 1 6-11-17.jpg

Art Deco transport posters unite the sleek and the speed

07 November 2017

Art Deco was a style that epitomised speed and power, wrapped in a sleekness that dominated design from furniture, ceramics and glass to architecture and sculpture.


Duke’s reviews due diligence over Wallis fakes

06 November 2017

Dorchester auctioneer Duke’s said it has changed its due diligence procedures after advertising fake works it claimed were by Cornish artist Alfred Wallis (1855-1942).


Eric Gill work from a great admirer's collection

09 October 2017

Modern sculpture, including a small rediscovered marine ivory piece by Eric Gill (1882-1940), took centre stage at Duke’s (22% buyer’s premium) in Dorset.


Manor contents up for sale at Duke’s in Dorset

09 October 2017

West Hall, located on the outskirts of Long Burton a few miles south of Sherborne, is an imposing stone-built manor house. The ancient iron-studded front door still bears the axe marks made by Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads in the English Civil War as they tried to beat down the door. They suspected Charles I may have been hiding inside.

LMS 2-6-0 Hughes Crab

Model locomotives steam into auctions in Sheffield and Sherborne

18 September 2017

Model steam trains are a niche collecting area but examples which precisely match the actual engines they represent can make thousands of pounds.


Fortunino Matania's posters of Southport Lido – a game of spot the difference

04 September 2017

Two slightly different versions of Fortunino Matania’s (1881-1963) desirable Southport Lido poster topped a July 7 online auction at Onslows (20% buyer’s premium) of Dorset.


Medal groups with family values at Charterhouse

04 September 2017

Medal groups awarded to two members of the same family on offer at auction are not unknown but three together is definitely unusual.

Poole Pottery

Antiques Roadshow ceramics expert leads calls to save Poole Pottery studio

10 August 2017

Fieldings Auctioneers founder Will Farmer has lent his support to Poole Pottery which is facing eviction from its Dorset home.

WEB Dunkirk C 21-7-2017.jpg

Dunkirk 1940 evacuation in movie form and now original photos up at auction

21 July 2017

With Christopher Nolan’s epic new film Dunkirk released today in the UK, it is a perfect time to focus on still rather than moving images which reveal the original picture of the 1940 evacuation.


Godwin connection makes big difference to auction vlalue

10 July 2017

Originally entered for a general sale at Charterhouse Auctions (20% buyer’s premium), a distinctive little walnut table with brass leg attachments caught the eye of auctioneer Richard Bromell who diverted it to the fine sale in the Sherborne rooms on June 22.

Chinese scroll painting White Birches

Chinese scroll painting gives Duke’s of Dorchester top regional auction price for Asian art

22 May 2017

The top regional Asian art price at auction this season was reached by Duke’s of Dorchester on May 18 when Wu Guanzhong’s (1919-2010) scroll painting White Birches on Mount Chang Bai (Zhangbai) sold at £500,000 (plus buyer's premium).


Scroll down for £500,000 bid

22 May 2017

Duke’s of Dorchester posted the top regional Asian art price of the season on May 18 when Wu Guanzhong’s (1919-2010) scroll painting White Birches on Mount Chang Bai (Zhangbai) sold at £500,000 (plus buyer’s premium).


Henry James inscription lifts HG Wells book at Charterhouse auction

15 May 2017

Books from the library of neurologist Dr MacDonald Critchley sold as part of an April 20-21 auction held by Charterhouse (19.5% buyer’s premium) naturally included books related to his professional interests, among them copies of his own works. But the lot that attracted most bidding interest was a novel by HG Wells.


Deals made in an instant

02 May 2017

Last week, Sherborne dealer Patrick Macintosh sold a pair of beds off Instagram in a matter of minutes.


The joy of six brings Duke’s Goode auction times

02 May 2017

One of the more intriguing clocks to come in the market this spring was this early 18th century bracket clock signed to the backplate Cha [rles] Goode, London offered at Duke’s (22% buyer’s premium) on April 12.


Interview: Tom Lintern-Mole, part of the new generation

28 April 2017

Tom Lintern-Mole has just finished filming a video in his shop to advertise the latest book fair on YouTube.

2288NEDI Alleyways.jpg

Dealers desired for new Dorset antiques centre

11 April 2017

A new antiques centre is to open in Dorset and is on the hunt for dealers to join the premises.


Private collections from doctors are the order of the day at Charterhouse saleroom in Sherborne

10 April 2017

The Charterhouse saleroom must be under doctors’ orders. Two private collections included in the Dorset April 20-21 auction come from consignors with ‘Dr’ in front of their names.


Young dealer’s open-door policy

25 March 2017

Sixteen-year-old following family tradition launches his latest entrepreneurial initiative


Parrots cabinet flies to £66,000

25 March 2017

Furniture takes a rare top spot despite numerous and varied delights at Dorchester auction