A gaoler’s ring?

09 July 2018

This Tudor period gold finger ring with the initials RB was found by a detectorist on land to the west of Crewkerne in 2017.


Lancers’ silver standard sells at Lawrences

18 June 2018

As regimental silver, the Victorian centrepiece shown below qualified to be part of the Militaria, Coins & Medals sale at Lawrences (22% buyer’s premium) of Crewkerne and, as a memento of the gallant 9th (The Queen’s Royal) Lancers, it swept the field.


Charismatic subjects lead the canine market

07 May 2018

Dog pictures with charisma, personality and plenty of naturalism are a driving force in the secondary market for canine art, judging by a recent string of buoyant prices in the regions.


Charles Voysey River Rug flows into auction

23 April 2018

A hand-coloured design for Charles Voysey’s 'River Rug' surfaced at Lawrences of Crewkerne where it sold at £21,000 (plus premium).


Huddersfield Town and Manchester United football legends remembered in auction lots

17 April 2018

What do Denis Law and George ‘Bomber’ Brown have in common? The answer is Huddersfield Town, whose miraculous survival in the Premier League seems to have been confirmed after beating Watford 1-0 in the latest round of games.


Greengrass now a Grosvenor School star

05 February 2018

Works on paper, not oil paintings, stole the show at Lawrences (22% buyer’s premium) of Crewkerne.


Treasures from safe deposit box sold at Lawrences' auction

05 February 2018

The closing nine lots in Lawrences’ January 18 sale were consigned by a lady in Somerset. They had belonged to her mother and grandmother and had been kept in a safe deposit box in the bank for about the last 30 years.

vesta case

10 vesta cases from the remarkable McKenzie collection sold at Lawrences auction

23 January 2018

Earlier this month, Lawrences of Crewkerne sold the second half of a remarkable collection of vesta cases or match safes pieced together over 50 years by the late John and Patricia McKenzie.

Meadows works are cut above

22 January 2018

Bid to a rather higher than suggested £1300 in a Lawrences (22% buyer’s premium) sale of December 8 in Crewkerne were two early 19th century works on water meadows.


Distinctive style of Maltese silver brings strong competition for coffee jugs

27 November 2017

The dual appeal of Maltese silver lies in both a sense of national pride and a very limited supply.


Pendant marks brief calm before revolutionary storm

20 November 2017

In May 1789, as the political and financial situation in France grew ever bleaker, Louis XVI was forced to summon the three estates – the clergy, nobility and commoners – who had the power to levy taxes and implement reform.


Peploe hair pin pic secured by his grandson at auction

06 November 2017

A brace of unrecorded pastels by celebrated Scottish Colourist SJ Peploe (1871-1935) sold strongly at Lawrences (22% buyer’s premium) in Crewkerne.


Pendant marks start of the French Revolution

11 September 2017

In May 1789, as the political and financial situation in France grew ever bleaker, Louis XVI was forced to summon the three estates – the clergy, nobility and commoners – who had the power to levy taxes and implement reform.


Nelson oil with Samuel Drummond connection fires interest at Lawrences of Crewkerne

21 August 2017

A 19th century painting depicting the death of Horatio Nelson soared to £21,500 at Lawrences (22% buyer’s premium) of Crewkerne on July 14.


Snuff box with William of Orange inscription had shipwreck provenance

21 August 2017

A 19th century oak snuff box offered at Lawrences (22% buyer’s premium) of Crewkerne on July 11 was inset with copper and inscribed Made from the wreck of the Betsy Cains which brought King William to England 1688 and A.Reed Esq. Mayor 1827.


ATG letter: We did our Nelson duty

07 August 2017

MADAM – Our estimate (£2000-4000) for Drummond’s Death of Nelson did indeed prove to be conservative but not quite as dismissive as the ‘£100-150’ quoted in the ATG might suggest (Bid Barometer, ATG No 2302).

silver tankard

Somerset museum brings home 300-year old tankard after fundraising for auction bid

25 July 2017

The Bruton Museum in Somerset has bought a rare silver tankard at nearby saleroom Lawrences of Crewkerne.


Great Exhibition game unites nations on wooden blocks

24 July 2017

Purchased at the Great Exhibition of 1851, the ‘Industrial Exhibition of All Nations’ jigsaw type game shown here sold for £1350 at Lawrences (22% buyer’s premium) on June 16.

Happy birthday to Dickens 12 years late

17 July 2017

The Charles Dickens Birthday Book, edited by his eldest daughter, Mary, and illustrated by his youngest, Kate, was published in 1882, 12 years after the writer’s death.


Asian art textiles: the uncut market for court dress

05 June 2017

For the most important ceremonies and rituals, high-ranking Chinese officials along with the royal family would don the chao fu or full court dress. At the Qing court a whole range of garments and paraphernalia were associated with the chao fu – a hat, collar, necklace, girdle and boots – but the most important were the chao pao and jifu, the court robes. Their use was restricted to high-ranking officials and persons.