Barker script

Legendary Two Ronnies’ Fork Handles script comes to Bristol auction room

30 May 2018

A famous Ronnie Barker script that first came to light during an episode of the Antiques Roadshow in 2006 is to be offered at auction this week.


Armchairs show Howard & Sons furniture holding up

28 May 2018

Throughout the furniture depression, late Victorian and Edwardian chairs and sofas produced by the London firm of upholsterers Howard & Sons maintained their prices.


Rare pre-First World War photographs of Winston Churchill painting come to auction in Bristol

14 May 2018

Prime minister, politician, army officer, war journalist and writer - Winston Churchill had many talents, but it was while painting that he truly relaxed.

Retro Dalek Playsuit_White  + drop shadow.jpg

Dalek playsuit for when little ones want to exterminate, exterminate

10 May 2018

I could wax lyrical about the full-size Dalek coming up for auction at a Staffordshire auction house Richard Winterton on May 21. But various versions tend to be offered relatively frequently, to be honest. How often do you have the chance to buy a ‘Dalek Playsuit’, though?


Mystery lot which was just the job at auction

19 February 2018

A very modestly estimated job lot of 25 or so books offered in a recent West Country auction went on to sell for £6500 – but what got some bidders excited?


Very early aviation photos at auction show first commercial flight in England

07 February 2018

What would you guess was the purpose of the first ever commercial flight taken in England? Taking passengers from London to Edinburgh perhaps? Or maybe a sightseeing trip over tourist attractions?


Whalebone cane strolls to £17,000

13 November 2017

A mid-19th century scrimshaw carved whalebone walking cane sold for a house record of £17,000 (plus 18% buyer’s premium) at East Bristol Auctions on November 9.

WEB wedlock 1 7-11-17.jpg

Early international caps at auction won by footballer Fatty Wedlock

09 November 2017

Footballer Neil Ruddock’s nickname was Razor Ruddock. Brian Kilcline became Killer Kilcline. Going back a bit further, Ron Harris roved on the pitch as Chopper Harris. Going back a lot further, Billy Wedlock’s nickname was Fatty. Or the India Rubber Man.

WEB jawa east bristol 12-10-17.jpg

Star Wars Jawa figures up at auction show extra value of pristine packaging

12 October 2017

Much as I enjoyed playing with my Star Wars figures, eagerly ripping them from the packaging instead of keeping them pristine would have damaged my earning power in future years had I consigned them to auction.


The Wolfe family at play in Wheatley’s Irish period

02 October 2017

An Irish family portrait attributed to Francis Wheatley (1747-1801) led the picture section at Clevedon Salerooms (20% buyer’s premium) on September 14 in Bristol.


Edna O’Brien’s 'The Country Girls' trilogy offered at Bristol fair

26 June 2017

Written in 1960, Edna O’Brien’s The Country Girls broke the silence on sex in a socially repressive Ireland, seen through the lives of Kate and Baba, two young Irish country girls yearning for love who move from rural Ireland to Dublin to find it.


Rhymney on right track

30 May 2017

A lamp from a wagon that once travelled a 50-mile stretch of track linking the docks of Cardiff to the collieries of the south Wales valleys was hammered down in Bristol at £6300 (plus 18% buyer’s premium).

Rhymney railway

Rare railway lamp highlight of East Bristol Auctions’ transport sale

26 May 2017

A lamp from a wagon that once travelled a 50-mile stretch of track linking the docks of Cardiff to the collieries of the south Wales valleys was hammered down at a Bristol auction for £6300.


Vintage events to expand in West Country and Midlands this summer

24 April 2017

Keeley Harris is so pleased with the way her vintage home shows are going that she is expanding them.


Shop talk – Focus on the Past

25 March 2017

In the continuing series looking through the keyhole of ‘bricks and mortar’ shops in 2017, ATG talks to Alison Roylance, owner of Focus on the Past antiques centre, Clifton Village, Bristol.

WEB manchester united badge A 21-2-17.jpg

Manchester United enamel pin badge sold at auction for 20-times estimate

22 February 2017

The white shirt bears a dark ‘V’ across the front more like St Helens rugby league team, but the ball underneath is unmistakably round rather than oval. Then the words ‘Manchester United’ emblazoned below the figure give the game away.


Victorian gold ring sells in Bristol auction as part of Flog It! visit

15 February 2017

A Bristol filming session for the BBC's TV show Flog It! series saw the multi-estimate sale of this Victorian gold ring.

Bristol Auction Rooms biscuit tins 4 2277NEDI 27-01-17.jpg

Crumbs! Biscuit tins head for Bristol auction

30 January 2017

Are these Egyptian vases? Is that a handbag? In fact these objects are biscuit tins. Bristol Auction Rooms is offering for sale a single owner collection of Huntley & Palmers biscuit tins. 'The Art of the Tin' sale will include around 30 lots at Bristol Auction Rooms' Antiques & Furnishings auction on February 2 at its Ashton saleroom.

WEB action mann east bristol D 25-1-17.jpg

Action Man collection on sale at East Bristol Auctions

25 January 2017

What is the next collecting area about to take off when it comes to toys? As detailed often in ATG, rare Star Wars figures are now making big money. Lego is another popular market as 40 and 50-somethings settle down, get wealthier and get nostalgic about the toys they played with as kids.

Lego car Astons 4 WEB 6-12-16.jpg

Lego HO scale plastic cars roar into Astons West Midlands auction

06 December 2016

Star Wars, Action Man and plastic soldiers are just three of the toy collectable fields growing in demand as buyers get all nostalgic about their childhoods. Another biggie in this market is Lego.