Vintage camera with rare Ross Xpres lens goes 26-times over estimate in “spectacular” result at Linconshire auction

20 August 2018

A 1940s cine camera estimated at £200-300 was knocked down for £7800 at Batemans Auctions in Lincolnshire earlier this month.


Hemswell heads back to 1940s

13 August 2018

The idea to stage a 1940s weekend of events at Hemswell Antique Centres near Gainsborough in Lincolnshire in late July to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the RAF came from some of the dealers based there.


Chiparus Art Deco dancer steps up at £15,000

02 July 2018

Art Deco bronze and ivory figures continue to do well – despite the imminent legislation that could render some of them illegal to sell.


Previews: £30,000 plus

18 June 2018

Our weekly selection from salerooms and dealerships.


Wool trade relic weighed up at £5100

04 June 2018

Echoes of Lincolnshire’s history in the hugely lucrative late medieval wool trade, this wool weight, below, probably from the 16th century, was the star item at John Taylors’ (18% buyer’s premium) appropriately named Wool Mart auction rooms in Louth.


Masses of Marvel at Golding Young & Mawer

28 May 2018

Marvel comics in considerable numbers were a feature of a May 10 sale held by Golding Young & Mawer (20% buyer’s premium).


Bond first – second time around

19 March 2018

An 80-lot James Bond collection offeredin a recent Lincolnshire sale had been formed over a 40-year period.


Good boy, good buy: Terrier portrait tops sale at Batemans Auctioneers

19 February 2018

Among the leading sellers at Batemans’ recent auction was this portrait of a small terrier.


Laplander top of the world in Lincoln sale

19 February 2018

Three 19th century porcelain figures from a Peoples of Russia series consigned to Lincoln auction house Golden Young & Mawer (20% buyer’s premium) by a local vendor attracted interest from the US to Russia.


Great Grantham selection of Victorian jewellery

05 February 2018

A set of five Victorian diamond six-point star brooches sold for £26,000 at Golding Young & Mawer (20% buyer’s premium) on January 24. As each star has a hook fitting and a screw fitting for attachment, the set was probably once part of a suite consisting of frames for a tiara, necklace, earrings and brooches.


Sixties concert poster is cream of the crop

05 February 2018

Evidence of the shrewd taste of student entertainments officers at Warwick University back in the Sixties came at Batemans’ (20% buyer’s premium) sale at Stamford in the form of two concert posters.


Sir Philip the spaniel shows his sale bite

29 January 2018

A pastel portrait of a fashionable young Georgian woman in an ostrich feather hat and blue coat with her dog topped the picture section at Lincolnshire saleroom Golding Young & Mawer (20% buyer’s premium).


Springfield on the way

22 January 2018

As Springfield Fairs, Polly and Peter Trapmore-Shaw’s upcoming Spalding Antique and Collectors’ Fair in the Lincolnshire town famous for its flower bulbs, is at the Springfield Event Centre on Sunday, February 4.


Hemswell has high hopes

22 January 2018

“We aim to be the largest bricks and mortar antiques centre in Europe with the largest website,” says Robert Miller, managing director of Hemswell Antique Centres.


New Year’s Day lots in tune at Lincoln sale

22 January 2018

“Buyers want to get back in action after the Christmas holiday,” said Darryl Kirk, saleroom manager at Unique Auctions (17.5% buyer’s premium), after 95% of the 1300 lots offered on New Year’s Day got away.

WEB dominic w martin sharp A.jpg

Psychedelic music poster by Martin Sharp captures Sixties spirit at Batemans auction

20 December 2017

The psychedelic posters produced to promote the likes of Bob Dylan, Cream and Jimi Hendrix encapsulate the spirit of the Sixties – and can catch the eye at auction, such as the Batemans sale this month.


Time warp reveals a Girtin Windsor watercolour

30 October 2017

The clearance of a neglected local property by Lincolnshire auction house Batemans (20% buyer’s premium) unearthed several treasures including two watercolours by the 18th century British painter Thomas Girtin (1775-1802).


Batemans heads for the border with Berwick views

09 October 2017

A pair of watercolours depicting Berwick-upon-Tweed, the northern-most town in England, turned up at Batemans (20% buyer’s premium) on September 2.


Narwhal’s twisted appeal

02 October 2017

Narwhal tusks, once sold for colossal sums to Elizabethan gentleman as unicorn horns, continue to be in demand as sculptural natural history objects of contemplation.


Previews: £5001 - £30,000

11 September 2017

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