Obituaries (print edition)


Obituary: Art dealer Robert Stoppenbach (1948-2020)

11 January 2021

It was with deep sadness that I learned of the passing of our gallery founder and friend, Robert Stoppenbach, on December 26.


Obituary: William Millin (1929-2020)

04 January 2021

My dad, known affectionately as Willie, died suddenly on November 9, 2020, the last in the line of three siblings, leaving behind Marian, his wife of 68 years, two children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren – he was much blessed.


Obituary: Ann Kiddell (1944-2020)

21 December 2020

During her time of over 20 years with LAPADA, Annie was more often the ’go to’ for most association enquiries. Hers was the voice of helpfulness and friendliness and it was quite a distinctive voice, gained largely over many years of enjoyably puffing on cigarettes. Ultimately it was smoking which contributed to the cancer she suffered in her latter years.


Obituary: Michael Barnes of East Bristol Auctions

30 November 2020

East Bristol Auctions is sad to announce the passing of Michael Barnes – much-loved porter, colleague and friend.


Obituary: Moira Cohen (1940-2020)

16 November 2020

It is with great sadness that we break the news of the passing of Moira Cohen on September 20.


Obituary: Thomas Fidelo (1932-2020)

16 November 2020

Although he was 87, the death on August 31 of Thomas Fidelo (‘Tom’) came as a deep shock to his network of friends throughout the arts world in Edinburgh and beyond.


Obituary: Graham Leishman Stewart (1955-2020)

16 November 2020

Graham Leishman Stewart, who died in Edinburgh on October 28, is widely regarded as one of the finest silversmiths of his generation.

Obituary: Robert A Luck

02 November 2020

Robert was born in Stirling, Scotland, in April 1943 and being always interested in design and architecture, soon got a job at Heal’s in Tottenham Court Road.


Obituary: Anthony Foster (1924-2020)

19 October 2020

It is with great sadness that I am writing this obituary of my father, Tony Foster, who passed away after a very short illness, aged 96.


Obituary: Martin J Zimet (1931-2020)

12 October 2020

Art dealer Martin Zimet died on September 25, aged 88.


Obituary: Ian Curry

05 October 2020

It is with profound regret that the family, friends and colleagues of Ian Curry announce his death after a brave battle with cancer at the age of just 49.


Obituary: Andrew Hartley

05 October 2020

Auctioneer Andrew Dickson Hartley (of Hartleys of Ilkley) died on September 3, aged 75.


Obituary: dealer Lizzie Farrow

21 September 2020

Lizzie Farrow, trading as DODO, specialised in old advertising posters and ephemera.


Obituary: dealer Jane Sumner of Turpin’s Antiques

14 September 2020

It is with regret we announce the death of Jane Sumner of Turpin’s Antiques, who passed away peacefully on September 2, aged 82.


Obituary: European ceramics dealer Kate Davson (1938-2020)

31 August 2020

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Kate Davson (Kate Foster), who died peacefully at home last month of cancer at the age of 82.


Obituary: Book dealer Hamish Riley-Smith (1941-2020)

31 August 2020

Rare book specialist Hamish Riley-Smith, who died on August 10, did not originally intend to become a dealer.


Obituary: Tony Coakley (1926-2020)

03 August 2020

Tony Coakley was a fun, attractive character, a dealer noted for his tall, slender figure with trademark ponytail and beard.


Obituary: Gillian Jason (1941-2020)

03 August 2020

Gillian Jason, the pioneering art dealer of the Modern British art movement and founder of Gillian Jason Gallery, died peacefully at home in Norfolk on July 21, three weeks after her 79th birthday.


Obituary: collector and author Malcolm Shields

06 July 2020

The collector, author and businessman Malcolm Shields was born in Hull. It was in the Yorkshire city where his company flourished and he gained much of his knowledge of antiques, coins and paintings – interests he pursued most enthusiastically.


Obituary: Commemorative ceramics collector Robin Watson Simpson (1940-2020)

06 July 2020

Well known for an encyclopaedic knowledge of British history, Robin Simpson (who died in February) was the leading collector of commemorative ceramics.