Letters to the Editor


ATG letter: Postage experience did not receive my stamp of approval

02 May 2022

I wholeheartedly agree with Gill Behari’s letter in ATG No 2539 (‘Why I believe high postage costs are unacceptable’).


ATG letter: Artist's Resale Right is big factor behind the UK's decline

02 May 2022

Your report that the UK’s share of the global art market has declined blames VAT and Brexit for this (ATG No 2537), but fails to mention the effect of Artist's Resale Right which is probably the real reason for the current decline.

ATG letter: Let’s launch an Antiques Shop Day to promote trade

02 May 2022

Lying in the bath before coming into my shop for yet another quiet Saturday, I listened to an item on the radio about Record Store Day or #RecordStoreDay.


ATG letter: Trade day at a fair is unfair to the private collector

02 May 2022

I am an avid reader of ATG as a private collector.


ATG letter: True maker of a handsome lamp revealed

25 April 2022

Like your reporter, for many years I also believed the lamp featured in ATG No 2538 (A Trio of Arts & Crafts designers in focus) was by Arthur Stansfeld Dixon, director, and chief designer of The Birmingham Guild of Handicraft.


ATG letter: Lalique perfume bottle decoration had a taste of blackcurrant

25 April 2022

I read with interest your informative report on the sale of Lalique perfume bottles (ATG No 2535). I was amazed at the huge prizes.


ATG letter: Cost restriction meant not so mighty mouse

25 April 2022

Re: your article in ATG No 2538 (A Trio of Arts & Crafts designers in focus) including a Mouseman oak blanket chest sold at Sheffield Auction Gallery for £12,000 hammer, which features the mouse carved in recess rather than profile.

ATG letter: Why I believe high postage costs are ‘unacceptable’

18 April 2022

I am writing to tell you of a recent complaint which I brought up with an auction house regarding postal charges, and was wondering if you have had other trade outlets saying the same thing.


ATG letter: Not Dublin – it’s Southport

18 April 2022

The image on the sewing box in your letters section (ATG No 2537) is the Victoria Sea Water Baths, Southport, Lancashire.


ATG letter: Time to free up the British art market from ARR

04 April 2022

I’d like to lend my support to Ivor Braka in his brave and principled decision to fight the parasitic bureaucracies of the ARR (front page, ATG No 2536).


Can anyone identify this building on a sewing box?

04 April 2022

This print is on a sewing box made in the Victorian period.


ATG letter: Ercolani mastered psychology as well as furniture

28 March 2022

I very much enjoyed Roland Arkell’s excellent article on Ercol furniture (ATG No 2531).


ATG letter: Further light on Prout’s view of Venice

21 March 2022

In ATG 2530, you featured a view of the Doge’s Palace by Samuel Prout that I purchased at Chorley’s on January 25. Your report mentioned John Ruskin’s admiration for Prout which was a key reason behind my decision to buy the work.


ATG letter: Guilhou and Wilson’s lessons in cataloguing

21 March 2022

I was interested to read (Issue 2533, 12 March) of the “Byzantine ring from Guilhou’s huge collection”, which was sold at Toovey’s for £11,000.

ATG letter: Ivory Act is a ‘lazy, woke irrelevance’

14 March 2022

Max Rutherston is right to take exception (ATG No 2533) to the letter from Pete Matthews (ATG No 2532), who saucily tells the trade to stop moaning about the Ivory Act.


Letter: Mystery picture is based on a Burford print

14 March 2022

Re: RJ Horlock’s letter in ATG No 2529. The picture mentioned is based on a print by Thomas Burford, 1710-74, October from a set of prints for the 12 months, c.1745.


ATG letter: Yes, it has been three years but the lack of clarity on an actual date is nerve racking

07 March 2022

I must take exception to the letter from Pete Matthews (ATG No 2532) in which he tells the trade to stop moaning about the Ivory Act.


ATG letter: It was not to be – I had to suffer the pings of outrageous fortune

28 February 2022

Re: Michael Leigh Mallory’s metal detecting find of the Henry III gold penny sold by Spink (ATG No 2528).

ATG letter: Ivory Act – stop moaning, you had three years to prepare

28 February 2022

Regarding your article in ATG No 2531, ‘Four months’ before ivory ban becomes law’, I fail to see why the trade is ‘frustrated’ and describe the process as chaotic.


ATG letter: Destroying totally ancient ivory is a criminal act itself

28 February 2022

Hear hear to Mr Michael Baggott, hopefully trying to save works of art in ivory objects (Letters, ATG No 2530).