Letters to the Editor


ATG letter: Handy for those in knead

09 August 2021

Re: ‘Spout and single support - for what?’ Letters, ATG No 2503.

ATG letter: Portobello – tat is hiding the arcades

26 July 2021

I write regarding Bridget McConnel’s comments on the unique character of Portobello (‘We need to keep unique Portobello character’, Letters, ATG No 2498).


ATG letter: Spout and single support – for what?

26 July 2021

I was wondering if your readers could help me to properly identify this object that looks like an old drainage trough, which we found in France several years ago.

ATG letter: Substantial tear means relining

26 July 2021

Re: Clean Energy (ATG No 2500). In a recent TV programme an oil painting, where the client had put her hand through the canvas causing a substantial tear, was patched by the restorer before restoration.

ATG LETTER: Trade associations - the mindset should be forward-looking

12 July 2021

The argument for LAPADA and BADA merger.


Plenty for readers to chew over

12 July 2021

Pets and the ATG have a bit of a love-hate relationship.


Wonderful time at Petworth after 15 months of not going out

12 July 2021

Petworth Park Antiques & Fine Art Fair review courtesy of ATG reader Cordelia Hudson.


Mystery object solved…

05 July 2021

Re: Letters, ATG No 2498, ‘Mystery machine’. Bob Horlock asks if one could identify his machine. It is an orange paring machine, but would also peel apples and probably potatoes.


Another mystery object for readers to weigh up

05 July 2021

I write again with another mystery.


Art Detective: can you help identify the sitter in this Mary Beale portrait?

05 July 2021

An occasional feature on mystery works the Art UK charity is seeking help to identify


ATG letter: We need to keep the unique Portobello character

21 June 2021

In answer to your article on the Portobello Road area consultation (ATG No 2495), here are some possible improvements I would suggest.

Victorian machinery

ATG letter: Mystery object – can you help a reader identify this Victorian machine?

21 June 2021

I wonder if any reader can identify the Victorian bygone pictured?


ATG letter: Staying together – Napoleon and Josephine reunited

21 June 2021

The article Napoleon and Josephine reunited (Dealers’ Diary, ATG No 2495) is indeed most interesting.


ATG letter: Buyer's premium – to quote or not to quote, that is the question

07 June 2021

I’m just wondering why you still persist in showing auction prices without including the buyer’s premium charges.


ATG letter: Why all auction houses should also provide full PDFs of their catalogues as standard

31 May 2021

Re: recent letters highlighting the importance of printed catalogues.

ATG letter: Sign and show your support to amend EU second-hand rules

31 May 2021

You will know all about the new VAT import situation for second-hand goods coming from the EU.


ATG letter: Savoy ahoy

31 May 2021

RE: Dealer’s Diary, ATG No 2492, ‘Aubrey Beardsley: magic prints’


ATG letter: Napoleon relics will still be in demand for the tricentenary

17 May 2021

I observe with interest the reports of the sales of Napoleonic items to coincide with this years bicentenary of the emperor’s death (ATG No 2492).


ATG letter: Your supplement really does help to raise profile of the rare books trade

17 May 2021

On behalf of ILAB (International League of Antiquarian Booksellers), I would like to send you a ‘thank you’ for putting together again such a great Books, Maps & Prints supplement (ATG No 2492).


ATG letter: The artist is Henry Jenkins

17 May 2021

David Walker asks about ‘My mystery double sided picture of a racehorse and donkey’…. (Letters, ATG No 2492).