Case study: Germany's online auction record

12 March 2018

An auction house in a small Bavarian town sold a Dutch Golden Age painting for more than 50 times its estimate back in November 2017 – setting a record for an artwork auctioned online in Germany.


New head of the Met’s art squad, Rob Upham, discusses thefts, fakes, looted art and future plans

05 March 2018

Last year there were fears the Metropolitan Police’s Art & Antiques Unit would be closed after two of its members were seconded to the Grenfell Tower fire enquiry. However, in December the team was reunited and a new boss Det Sgt Rob Upham, with 23 years’ experience in the Met, was brought in to lead the team. ATG caught up with him recently.


BBC Antiques Roadshow: 40 years of getting an antiques show on the road

18 September 2017

With the BBC’s hit series now 40 years old, we find out producer Simon Shaw's views on its success ahead of the broadcast of his last Roadshow series.


Interview with Nic McElhatton: CSK chairman’s pride in the legacy

24 July 2017

Christie’s veteran Nic McElhatton believes the CSK model will be hard to replicate...


Anthony Browne: Our man in Westminster

17 July 2017

The art market’s chief spokesperson pursues a policy of quiet diplomacy. Now armed with a new report on the British art market, Anthony Browne has something he wants to shout about

Inside the tent: Five people in the art market’s little black book

17 July 2017

All industries need to have the ear of people close to political decision making, particularly now that Brexit has shifted policy makers’ priorities. Here ATG highlights some people in the corridors of power who are key to the art and antiques market.


Jon Baddeley, head of Bonhams Knightsbridge, on the importance of maintaining two salerooms in London

10 July 2017

Bonhams Knightsbridge is keen to assert its place in London’s evolving auction scene, managing director Jon Baddeley tells ATG.


Lots Road's Nick Carter: ‘clients want us to stick with our Sunday service’

12 June 2017

Lots Road Auctions has been in the same premises since it was founded by owner Roger Ross in 1979. The establishment is well known among the Chelsea set and was even the star of the Channel Four show The Auction House. But changes are afoot. Here Nick Carter, manager and senior auctioneer, discusses the firm’s future with ATG.


CSK closure: ‘For the long-term health of the business it is right’

05 June 2017

Christie’s South Kensington, a popular and influential fixture on the London auction scene for over 40 years, will hold its final sale next month.


A 3-D van Gogh fit for the people

05 April 2017

Technology has replicated the Dutch master’s work in a move the artist might have welcomed.

Professor Rachel Pownall

Professor Rachel Pownall: TEFAF report’s new author

25 March 2017

Since its launch in 2002 the TEFAF Art Market Report has established itself as the art and antiques trade’s key annual barometer of size and trends.


Dr Clare McAndrew: ‘It is very challenging to measure the art market’

25 March 2017

It is not often that market economists agree, and so it goes with the TEFAF Art Market Report’s current and previous authors. Economics is, after all, not an exact science and analysing a market as opaque as art and antiques is certainly problematic.