EBay is an online multinational marketplace for buying and selling items of any kind, including antiques. Headquartered in San Jose, California, eBay was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar as an online auction site and it has long had a strong presence of collectables, antiques, furniture, ceramics, jewellery, watches and works of art, as well as second-hand goods of any description.

Today it is a business with operations in over 30 countries. The website is free to buyers but charges a fee to sellers. When items are offered via eBay’s auction facility, potential buyers have to make bids over a certain time period.

Over the years, eBay has had to make efforts to combat fakes and reproductions being traded as genuine or original items. It now includes guides for buyers to avoid being misled.

Tiffany appeal against eBay ruling in US

18 August 2008

Tiffany & Co have appealed over the ruling that eBay do not have to police their auction site for fakes before they are sold to unwitting buyers.

EBay win landmark case in US

21 July 2008

Ebay have won a landmark judgment in the US federal courts, which effectively protects their position as an independent trading platform.

EBay Australia drop case for PayPal exclusivity

14 July 2008

EBAY Australia have decided to drop the case for PayPal exclusivity ahead of a decision on the matter fro the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

EBay to appeal against French court order

07 July 2008

EBAY have vowed to fight a new French court ruling that effectively makes them responsible for what is sold on their site. In effect, the ruling could mean them having to vet items before they are offered, rather than removing offending objects once they have been alerted to them.

Trade backlash at eBay's PayPal-only policy

30 June 2008

EBAY’S latest bid to tackle fraud – by insisting UK sellers accept payment via PayPal – has come under attack. Due to come into force on July 9, the online giant says it will help block fraudulent transactions and data theft.

Court ruling a blow to eBay business model

09 June 2008

A FRENCH court has ruled for the first time that eBay are directly responsible for what is sold on their website.

eBay abandons Live Auctions platform

21 April 2008

In a move that will impact hundreds of auctioneers worldwide, eBay are to discontinue their Live Auctions business by the end of this year.

Is eBay drop shop a sound business model?

25 March 2008

Clockworx Ltd, best known under one of its former trading names Auctioning4u, were among the first of the eBay drop-off shops.

Major changes to eBay fees and feedback

05 February 2008

Sellers can no longer leave comments on buyers while final value fees are hiked

French auctioneers join challenge to eBay’s legal opt-out

10 December 2007

EU ruling may supersede court decision on eBay’s status


Be aware of Drunken Bricklayers on eBay

18 September 2007

Readers are advised to be wary of cut-price Whitefriars Drunken Bricklayer vases – they may be fakes.


The $503,300 beer – an incredible story

20 August 2007

IT has already become part of eBay folklore – the $503,300 beer bottle.

eBay raise the stakes in Harry Potter dispute

18 June 2007

Does Rowling have them rattled?

eBay bans international ivory sales

11 June 2007

ONLINE auction giant eBay is banning cross-border sales of ivory on all their websites. The company announced that from the end of this month sellers will only be allowed to list ivory items for sale in their own country.

IFAW urge eBay to ban online ivory trade after investigation

29 May 2007

EBay’s global network is encouraging the illegal trade in elephant ivory says an investigative report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Court orders eBay to vet goods

05 March 2007

A COURT injunction against eBay is forcing the online giant to vet all Harry Potter titles before they are posted on their Indian site.

eBay tighten feedback system as fraud spreads

29 January 2007

Ebay are to pilot a new feedback system in the UK in late February as part of what they say is a more proactive approach to issues of fraud and safety on the site.

Complaints as eBay Live Auctions crashes

30 October 2006

American auction houses relying on eBay Live Auctions to bolster bidding via the internet, were left frustrated on Saturday, October 21 when a server supporting the live auction portion of the site failed.

Late summer auctions boost eBay results

23 October 2006

eBay have posted a 31 per cent year on year increase in turnover of $1.449bn for the third quarter of 2006.

LVMH challenge eBay’s protected status

12 October 2006

Luxury goods firm LVMH, owners of Louis Vuitton and Dior, have filed a lawsuit against eBay contending that most of the products on the site purporting to carry their top brands are fakes.