Trade organisations play an important role in the art and antiques market. Their remit may include lobbying, communicating information to members, offering professional development and qualifications, organising events, setting standards and ensuring adherence to them.

Other organisations listed in this section perform different functions such as providing online marketplaces, education or supplying other services to the art and antiques trade.

What do we do about brown furniture? NAVA ask members

28 November 2002

FACING up to the decline in demand for brown furniture was the central issue taxing the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers (NAVA) at their annual general meeting in Cardiff.

Fab Four at a fab price

21 November 2002

WHILE the bubble may be bursting in some fields of collecting, Beatlemania looks like remaining a safe bet for a long time to come. The latest eye-popping bid for a piece of the Fab Four came on eBay when this 1968 Yellow Submarine bubble gum store display box, right, complete with 40 original, mint condition Beatles gum packs made £15,100.

eBay patents wrangle looks set for court fight

12 November 2002

The patent dispute pitching a Virginia inventor against eBay appears to be heading to trial. US District Court Judge Jerome Friedman issued a series of rulings in late October that, while firming up aspects of eBay’s defence, rejected the company’s attempts to have the claims – made by MercExchange, a Virginia technology company – thrown out.

RICS want masters course for graduates

05 November 2002

UK: THE RICS Antiques and Fine Arts Faculty is working on a plan to develop a masters degree for graduates who hold a degree not accredited by the RICS.

Vote aims to widen SOFAA’s influence among the profession

28 October 2002

THE Society of Fine Art Auctioneers have voted through measures to widen their membership and strengthen their influence as a professional body. Thirty five of the 36 members took part in the ballot – all of them voted to open up the membership to include valuers and individual associate members. Until now, membership has been restricted to auction firms.

Shedding light on mining traditions

22 October 2002

Listings on eBay can sometimes be prone to hyperbole but when a seller from Ontario, Canada described this remarkable object as “definitely one of the finest sticking tommy candlesticks ever made” few enthusiasts of antique mining collectables could have argued.

LAPADA aim for wedding list market

15 October 2002

LAPADA, the UK’s largest dealer association, have launched the LAPADA Wedding Present Service in a bid to boost business for their more than 700 members.

eBay seal deal to acquire payPal

14 October 2002

WITH the backing of 65 per cent of a PayPal shareholders vote, eBay have completed their acquisition of the leading online payments company. Despite the overwhelming approval of the merger, some shareholders did object to it, suing eBay and PayPal in an attempt to block the acquisition.

SOFAA to vote on fundamental changes to membership

07 October 2002

Members of the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers are being asked to vote by post this month on far-reaching proposals which could significantly change the nature and power base of the society.

Red tape, not taxes, the biggest threat in Europe, say BAMF

07 October 2002

COMPLEX bureaucracy and form filling are the biggest threat to small business – the backbone of the European art market – says Anthony Browne, chairman of the British Art Market Federation.

RICS 2002 conference in Amsterdam

01 October 2002

THE RICS have announced details of their 2002 Fine Arts Conference, which will be held in Amsterdam from November 14-17. Highlights of the conference include a day at the Rijksmuseum prior to its renovation next year during which time its displays will be significantly reduced.

LAPADA launch bargains policy to attract new young buyers to fair

01 October 2002

LAPADA are to launch an innovative scheme to attract new collectors at their Fine Art and Antiques Fair at the Commonwealth Institute, in London from October 9 to 13.

eBay face new problems over PayPal deal

23 September 2002

PAYPAL, the leading online payment service, are facing a new challenge that could scupper eBay’s attempt to take them over.

Mixing art and politics – and launching a brand new fair

18 September 2002

Christian Deydier, head of the Syndicat National des Antiquaires, sees lobbying for change as one of his most important roles. With help from his Vice-President Hervé Aaron, and Honorary President Philippe Kraemer, Deydier promises to “give it everything when it comes to lobbying… We must make the most of current favourable circumstances.”

RICS launch auctions guide

27 August 2002

The mysteries of the auction process will now be much easier to understand thanks to a new publication, A Guide to Buying and Selling at Auction, from RICS.

Credit card fraud spree targets book dealers

20 August 2002

The Antiquarian Book Dealers Association have sent out a warning to dealers to be alert to a credit card scam that has already claimed more than $100,000 worth of items from the trade.

eBay record results for third quarter

30 July 2002

eBay have reported a record $266.3m turnover for the second quarter of the year ending June 30, a 47 per cent increase on the same period last year. Of this, $235.3m came from online transactions.

Where Double Eagles dare

26 July 2002

USA: Next week in an extraordinary single-lot auction – and the first joint sale between Sotheby’ and eBay, this 1933 Double Eagle $20 gold coin is to be offered for sale by Sotheby’s and New York coin auctioneer Stack’s on behalf of the US government.

CINOA’s new president sets out his aims for better trade relations

17 July 2002

The UK trade have their man at the helm of CINOA, the international federation of antique dealers associations, for the first time in 13 years. Henry Neville, chairman of Mallett, was elected president at the annual general assembly in Dublin at the end of June.

eBay extend online grip by bidding to take over PayPal

17 July 2002

EBAY have struck a $1.5bn deal that will give them control of PayPal, the leading online payment service, by the end of the year.