Taxman offers a sympathetic ear on business payments

09 February 2009

THE Inland Revenue are calling for more firms to use their new Business Payment Support Service after receiving more than 44,500 phone calls asking for help since it was launched in November.

Treasury allay art market fears over non-doms

17 March 2008

THE Treasury have calmed fears that new rules on tax for non-domiciles could damage the UK’s art market.

Art market fears remain over non-doms policy

18 February 2008

DESPITE the Treasury’s review of new rules on tax for non-domiciles in the UK, questions remain over the status of offshore trusts.

New tax threat to London art market

03 December 2007

TREASURY plans to close tax loopholes for the wealthiest foreigners living in the UK could seriously damage the art market, it is feared.

Pre-Budget capital gains boost for collectors

15 October 2007

Investors in art and antiques will be among the winners of a major reform of capital gains tax proposed in the government’s pre-Budget report.

New online tax guide for trade

12 February 2007

A NEW tax guide for people who trade online has been launched on the Inland Revenue’s website.

Art donations may soon attract income tax relief

02 November 2005

ART donations to public collections could soon be used to partially offset income tax.

Culture committee review spells more trouble over Droit de Suite

12 April 2005

THE added tax burden of Droit de Suite, which comes in at the beginning of next year, could be far worse than feared.

New rules open up pensions as a source for art investment

15 December 2004

THERE is growing speculation in the trade that the government’s reform of the pension industry is likely to have a significant effect on the art and antiques market.

An unwelcome change to tax our patience

28 April 2004

THE British Numismatic Trade Association have just issued a notice to their members about a new European Union import tax. As from March 1 an ad valorem duty has been imposed on any United States Mint modern products imported into the European Union under the following codes – 71189000 and 71181010.

Tax changes may force sale of valuable works of art

31 March 2004

FAMILIES with valuable homes and art collections may face extreme hardship and even bankruptcy after the Chancellor tore up the rule book on inheritance in the Budget.

Tax rebate offer over class action compensation

09 March 2004

TAXES lost to the US government during the American side of the Sotheby’s/Christie’s price-fixing settlement can be retrieved by the British trade say the US company trading in auction house class action certificates.

New guide on how to save key art works for nation

19 January 2004

Measures would not restrict art trade: BRITAIN may soon enjoy one of the most enlightened schemes for keeping key works of art in the country, thanks to the Goodison Review, which has just been published.

New hope of tax relief could stem drain of art from historic properties

06 December 2002

THE prospect of tax relief for the maintenance of historic properties has come a step closer thanks to a new Government-backed study. If introduced, it could stem the disposal of works of art, whose sale currently funds 26 per cent of maintenance on such properties.

Spectre of art tax scandal looms

12 June 2002

THE head of one of the United States’ biggest industrial conglomerates has quit the company after being indicted on charges of sales tax evasion on paintings valued at $13m.

The Budget

23 April 2002

“Thank goodness he didn’t put up VAT”, said one dealer in response to Gordon Brown’s budget – the worst fears of the trade did not come true last week.

TEFAF revive the fight over European art market taxes

11 March 2002

THE new survey of the European art market commissioned by The European Fine Art Federation makes for grim reading.

Tax deal struck for Mariana

26 April 1999

UK: CHRISTIE’S and Agnew’s have confirmed that they have successfully negotiated the sale of the Millais masterpiece Mariana in the Moated Grange to the nation in lieu of tax.

Latest acceptances in lieu of tax

19 April 1999

ARTS Minister Alan Howarth has announced a new list of works accepted for the nation in lieu of tax.