Cleaner admits theft of major rug collection from employer

17 April 2001

ORIENTAL rug expert Simon Crosby had launched a global appeal after his cleaning woman made off with part of his collection.

Britain signs UNESCO pledge on stolen art

19 March 2001

UK: THE net surrounding the UK’s illicit art and antiquities trade has tightened with the Government signing up to an international convention to return stolen artefacts to their rightful owners.

£1m boost to Invaluable’s stolen recovery services

12 March 2001

INVALUABLE have secured a £1m injection of capital from an ethical investment fund to help develop their stolen database services further.

Paris gallery appeal over stolen bronzes

20 November 2000

FRANCE: POLICE today appealed for help in tracing up to 100 bronzes and other antiques which were stolen in a £1m burglary at a Paris Gallery in June 1998.

MPs report to Arts Minister on trade regulation

07 August 2000

UK: THE Culture Select Committee investigating the illicit trade of cultural goods has stopped short of demanding tough legislation that might inadvertently harm legitimate business.

Police arrests over Lowry theft

03 April 2000

UK: POLICE investigating the theft of 70 works of art – including several Lowrys – from a private collector in Northamptonshire in January have arrested a total of three men.

Dealer turns detective to uncover crime spree

13 March 2000

UK: INVESTIGATIONS by a Surrey antiques dealer have uncovered a crime spree by what appears to be a single gang right across the South East of England.

Thefts from antique shops across Surrey may be linked

21 February 2000

UK: POLICE are investigating the possibility that the same gang is behind a number of thefts from antique shops in Greater London and Surrey over the last few months.

Tale of the Eros hero

27 September 1999

US & UK: AN English antiques dealer based in the United States has just helped to reunite Aldenham School with a bronze statue stolen from its grounds 21 years ago.

Stolen goods conspiracy – dealer gets five years

13 September 1999

UK: A DEALER who “fenced” nearly a million pounds worth of stolen art and antiques over six years has been jailed for five years.

Helpline to beat art and antiques theft across UK

06 September 1999

UK: FROM September 6, 1999, antiques dealers and auctioneers can check up on any suspicious item they are being offered instantly, seven days a week.

Tiffany expert convicted of trafficking stolen windows

16 August 1999

US: TIFFANY stained glass authority Alistair Duncan was convicted on Thursday by a New York federal jury on all five counts of trafficking in Tiffany windows stolen from cemetaries and mausoleums.